What We Can Do For You

Pattern is the most distinguishing facet of tableware. Brand, price point, and advertising are all secondary to that initial wow that grabs the customer when they first see the display. Great design may be difficult to quantify, but for product lines it is fatal to ignore.


There are a lot of designers in the world, but there are very few who consistently create patterns that hit the market spot on. Our recent commercial successes include best sellers in Macy’s, Bed Bath and Beyond and nine concurrent top one-hundred bestsellers at Wal-Mart, a top ten bestseller at Target and six concurrent top one-hundred bestsellers on Amazon.com

With our constantly updated portfolio, we offer everything from freestanding one-off patterns to a full studio service. All our images are production quality standard: 300 DPI Photoshop files with all the elements in separate layers to allow for easy manipulation. We can fit designs to your shapes, develop new colourways, and customize the designs to your specifications.

We offer set fees for an original design concept, visualised onto a five-piece place setting. Terms for commissions, more extensive projects, and royalty agreements are done on a per project basis.

We are available to meet at any one of the major international tabletop trade fairs where we show our current collection of designs. We also offer secure online showings of our portfolio to established customers and to those we are working with on commission.

Contact info@inkdish.com for more information