The California Collection - NEW!

Ink Dish in collaboration with Aroara Industries presents The California Collection. Designed and made here in California, the collection consists of fine quality American walnut serve ware pieces. Bringing contemporary style and functionality to your table with echoes of mid century Danish design classics.


The Geoplate is a 3 sectioned geometric serveware dish. As Elena from Aroara Industries puts it “Adults like to have fun with shapes too!”. This stylish piece adds joy to any party and is perfect for nibbles and canapes.


The Nonagon is a beautiful 9-sided board with a unique beveled underside. This multi-functional item can be used as a cheese board, platter or underneath your favorite dish as a charger to set the perfect modern table.


The Carved-in board is an 8 sided serving piece and as the name suggests the walnut has been carved into to create the perfect area for stunning cheese or charcuterie boards. The design of this item combines functionality with luxury and style. 

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