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Alyson Fox


Alyson Fox makes things from paper, fabric, books, ceramics, thread, wallpaper, office supplies, photographs, old tattered things, new polished things, furniture, and cement. She has degrees in photography, sculpture, and installation art. She enjoys designing things for commercial ends and designing things for no end at all.

“Her work has been published in the New York Times, Nylon, Domino, and Lucky”

Alyson has been working on an on- going series of drawings depicting strange half stories and invented family histories. Her work has been published in the New York Times, Nylon, Domino, and Lucky. Her most recent shows include 20 to Watch at the Austin Museum of Art, Secret Garden at the Tin Lark gallery in Hollywood, California and Portes ouvertes des Ateliers de Belleville in Paris France.

She lives and works in Austin TX.

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Describe your work in three words
haphazard, honest and evolving.

Who and what are your greatest influences?
My thoughts, fears, curiosities, life, my husband and our puppy.

How did you start working with Ink Dish?
The lovely Caroline sent me an e-mail asking if I’d ever thought about seeing my work on dinnerware. She must have been reading my mind because a month before I got her e-mail I had been thinking about how to go about doing just that. How perfect was that? Ink Dish is awesome at reading minds and to work with!

“Dinnerware is sculpture-functional art that says a bit about the person that owns it. I love the fact that some of my work will be present in people’s homes and part of the intimate act of eating and sharing a meal.”

Describe your first set of dinnerware.
It was a great learning experience! It’s quite a fun journey to work with a different medium and see how it all unfolds. You learn a lot in the process. My favorite collection is TUG-the serving bowl makes me really happy. I think it represents my work the best as a whole and I feel that all of the pieces work nicely together and alone to tell a story that can be interpreted in a number of ways.”

What is your greatest achievement?
Getting any work done during the day with our adorable puppy at my side.

Which living artist do you most admire?
I have to list my top three: Miranda July, Rachel Whiteread and Hella Jongerius.

How do you get inspired?
I think. I look through books. I sketch. I write. I experiment with different materials. Pretty normal stuff really.

Where does your artistic talent come from?
Mostly in my left hand and the foggy curios part of my brain.

Do you listen to music or watch TV while you work? If so what?
I usually work with nothing on. There is typically a lot going on in my head and I tend to function better in a quiet space. On the rare occasion that I listen to music (usually when I am just coloring in my work) I listen to play-lists that my husband makes for me.

Describe the first piece of art you can remember making.
I remember drawing houses for each of my family members that were all joined together. I guess it was a way of bringing us closer.

Any thoughts on the future of dinnerware decoration?
Personally- I’d love to work on a geometric pattern. I think there are some really interesting stories within some pretty simple geometry. They become conversation starters at the dinner table- not just a pretty pattern that hides behind the food.

What’s next for Alyson Fox?
A book of my photography, some rugs and my husband and I just bought some land so we will be designing our house together. I’m really grateful and excited!

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